Wells Hall

Wells Hall

Visit one of the largest academic buildings on campus, the park-adjacent Wells Hall.

Wells Hall is the largest academic building on the MSU campus. It’s divided into four wings and houses the departments of mathematics, English and all of the languages. It also has a Starbucks, another popular gathering spot for students. 

Right outside is People’s Park. Its history goes back to the spring of 1970, when people began setting up tents to explore alternative ways of living. They pooled funds to buy food that they cooked on campfires and they entertained themselves with games, music and political discussions. Today, People’s Park simply provides lots of beautiful outdoor study space for students. 

Wells Hall is also where you’ll find the Campus Center Cinema, which shows recently released movies for free to all MSU students. Plus, hundreds of prospective MSU students visit the hall in the summer for Green and White Days, our most popular open house events of the year! 

People’s Park

In the spring of 1970, people began setting up tents in the space between Wells Hall, the International Center and Erickson Hall. There, they explored alternative ways of living as a community.


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