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Bailey GREENhouse

The perfect place to study the production of organic produce and sustainable food systems

Nestled outside of Bailey Hall in Brody Neighborhood, the Bailey GREENhouse is a passive solar greenhouse (also known as a hoophouse). The Bailey GREENhouse is used to produce certified organic produce. It is also the site of a variety of student projects throughout the year, including vermicomposting, urban farm production and management, and a collaboration with MSU’s first student-run business, Land Grant Goods. The Student Organic Farm uses market garden-style production systems designed to produce significant quantities of produce to feed members of the MSU community, such as strawberries, rhubarb, lavender and more.

The GREENhouse is used and maintained by a group of students in the Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment (RISE), one of the living-learning communities on campus, to enhance their opportunities for hands-on experience in and out of the classroom. Students live in Bailey Hall and earn out-of-classroom experience by caring for the entire edible landscape. Incoming first-year students from all academic backgrounds who are interested in the pursuit of a more sustainable food system are encouraged to apply to RISE when they submit their application.

Bailey GREENhouse

The Bailey GREENhouse was built in partnership with Residential and Hospitality Services, the Department of Community Sustainability, RIDE and the Student Organic Farm.

Two students work together in the greenhouse, on a wooden platform with fresh vegetables.


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