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Plant and Soil Sciences Building

MSU is a leader in plant sciences, offering amazing resources, programs and research opportunities.

Surrounded by the Horticulture Gardens and not far from the Baker Woodlot and Rachana Rajendra Neotropical Migrant Bird Sanctuary, the Plant and Soil Sciences Building puts plant, soil and microbial science students at the forefront of world-class academic opportunities. Complete with roughly 90,000 square feet of greenhouse space and nearly 200 growth chambers, students who graduate in this field are prepared for a variety of different career opportunities in agronomic sciences or turfgrass management.

MSU is also home to AgBioResearch, which funds the research of more than 325 scientists. These scientists conduct research in on-campus facilities and at 14 outlying research centers across the state of Michigan. Undergraduate students can conduct research of their own with the help of their peers and department faculty and are also responsible for caring for the countless plant species growing in the greenhouses around campus.

Plant growth research

The Plant and Soil Sciences Building houses nearly 200 growth chambers for researching plants and seeds.

A student of plant and soil science examines content while working in a lab.


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