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Scene Shop

MSU is a national leader in theatre production and set design.

Located on Farm Lane just south of main campus, the Scene Shop is a state-of-the-art facility used to create scenery for theatrical productions. Formerly known as the Performing Arts Teaching Laboratory, the Scene Shop is where all the sets for the Department of Theatre and the College of Music opera program get their start.

The 9,370-square-foot building, complete with 22-foot clearance ceilings, ensures that students can construct scenery in full while working in the Scene Shop — eliminating the guesswork of assembling scenery separately and putting it together in the theatre. Along with the vast space the building provides, students and professors can use new equipment, tools and technology to assemble set pieces. New equipment includes a full welding area with fume hoods, computerized numerical control (CNC) routers that can do complex cuts in a fraction of time when compared to cutting by hand, a woodworking area and a full-size paint studio with a fume hood for painting full-scale scenery.

All hands on deck

Theatre students create props and scenery at the Scene Shop that are used in theatre productions at MSU each academic year.

A student hand paints a theater set under red lights.


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