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Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center 

Offering experience to students from the School of Hospitality Business

The Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center is a full-service hotel and conference center located on campus. Originally built in 1951, it has over 35,000 square feet of flexible function space and 160 guest rooms and suites for visitors year-round. The Michigan Hotel Association sought to create a facility in which they could house everything needed to hold an educational conference under one roof that could also serve as a laboratory for hotel management.

The hotel provides real-world skills and opportunities to students from the School of Hospitality Business, which is hailed as the original hospitality business school and ranks among the top hospitality programs in the nation and world according to The Best Schools and College Choice. Students can work in the hotel as staff for both employment and classroom experience. There are also demonstration theaters and teaching kitchens for students to learn in these areas.

The Kellogg Center is also committed to being Spartan green and is a partner of the Clean the World Program. This partnership program sanitizes, recycles and redistributes unused hotel toiletries to those in need.

Year-round events

The Kellogg Center hosts university-sponsored public and private events during all four seasons throughout the year.

Outdoor seating for a wedding event at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center. Chairs line either side of the center aisle.


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