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Brody Neighborhood

Experience one of MSU’s largest and most eco-friendly student neighborhoods, Brody.

Brody neighborhood is the most recently renovated neighborhood on campus, with a wealth of resources and amenities — including the largest dining hall on campus! There are a ton of food options to choose from and MSU students come from all over to dine here. 

Brody has community style living with free laundry facilities for residents in every building. It’s also home to the Brody neighborhood engagement center, which is a resource for students in every neighborhood on campus. This is where you’ll find a health clinic, career services, tutoring, intercultural assistance and more. 

Many first-year students choose to live in this neighborhood because the residents are very involved and participate in many Spartan traditions. Plus, Brody is modern and has many eco-friendly choices, including recycling options in all halls. Emmons and Butterfield halls are also Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certified, meaning they save money and resources and promote clean, renewable energy, all while having a positive impact on the health of occupants. 

Engagement centers

Engagement centers are located in each neighborhood and serve as the main access points to important resources such as advisers, tutors, health practitioners and other resources that can help you navigate through your college career.


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