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Spartan Statue

Visit the star of many photos and MSU traditions, the Spartan Statue.

The Spartan Statue stands at 9 feet, 7 inches of bronze metal and is the star of many photos and MSU traditions — including the Walk to the Stadium by the football team two hours before kick-off on game days. Another fun tradition is “Sparty Watch,” when the Spartan Marching Band protects the statue before MSU plays the University of Michigan.

Students consider it a bucket list item to get a picture with Sparty, both the statue and mascot, before they graduate. This statue is actually a replica of the original terra cotta Spartan Statue, which now lives in the tower of Spartan Stadium to better survive Michigan winters. 

The original statue was erected almost twenty years after the MSU community became known as the Spartans. Before, the students of Michigan Agricultural College (now MSU) went by the name of the Aggies, but when the college changed names to the Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, both faculty and students felt it was time for a change.

Spartan spirit

President John Hannah presents his speech, “The Spartan,” at the statue’s unveiling ceremony. To Hannah, the Spartan statue was a symbol of the strength, honor and courageousness that represents the spirit of MSU’s students.


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