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Erickson Hall

MSU’s graduate programs have been ranked No. 1 in the nation for elementary and secondary education for 27 consecutive years. 

Home to the College of Education, Erickson Hall sits along the Red Cedar River trail in the center of campus. With top-ranking and world-class programs available, education students are prepared for a variety of teaching opportunities. MSU’s Teacher Preparation Program sets our students apart by ensuring participants receive more than 1,000 hours of classroom experience before completing their degree.  

Education students also receive hands-on learning outside of the classroom through experiences in teaching abroad and student teaching. Students can work toward various certifications, and MSU has a No. 1-ranked graduate programs for both elementary and secondary education.  

Erickson Hall is home to updated, technology-based classrooms with smart boards and document cameras, so students can begin using equipment that is popular in elementary and secondary classrooms. There is also a Kiva-style classroom, where the stage and podium are lower than the student seating, so every student in the classroom has the same view of the professor and teaching material no matter where they are seated.

Erickson Hall Kiva

Defined as a chamber built wholly or partly underground, the Kiva-style classroom allows the professor to be in the center of the classroom and give students similar views of the material on screen. 

A full classroom of students sit in a semi-circle-shaped formation facing the professor and the material on screen.


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