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Institute for Quantitative Health Sciences and Engineering (IQ)

Home of groundbreaking research in engineering, human medicine and natural science

MSU IQ is focused on training the next generation of scientists to do more than just traditional research. Researchers and students from the College of Engineering, College of Human Medicine and the College of Natural Science are led by faculty from top academic centers around the world as they work. The space is dedicated to collaborative, interdisciplinary research in these three areas to help solve world problems through teamwork across different areas of study. Core facilities include the advanced molecular imaging facility, MSU flow cytometry core facility, and the transgenic and genome editing facility. Available equipment includes medical imaging equipment and flow cytometers to aid in new drug discovery.

Undergraduate students can begin conducting research during their first year on campus, and students from other colleges are able to collaborate with the teams at IQ, too. Divisions of research include biomedical devices, biomedical imaging, chemical biology, developmental and stem cell biology, neuroengineering, synthetic biology, systems biology and more.

Spartan researchers have a history of creating a healthy world for others. Examples of this are the discovery of Cisplatin’s use as an anti-cancer drug, improving food safety for immunocompromised patients, fighting tuberculosis and Alzheimer’s, connecting diet and chronic diseases, helping prevent outbreaks of waterborne diseases and addressing health inequities in underserved populations.

Making discoveries at MSU

Undergraduate students can begin conducting research at MSU IQ during their first year on campus.

Students work in a lab wearing white lab coats and examining content in containers.


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