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Veterinary Medical Center

MSU is home to the only College of Veterinary Medicine in the State of Michigan.

The Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1910 as a four-year degree-granting program. From the very beginning, MSU has been a leader in veterinary science, and this continues today through world-class facilities and prominent research. The college now includes four biomedical science departments — Large Animal Clinical Sciences, Small Animal Clinical Sciences, The Veterinary Medical Center, and the Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health — and several research centers.

The College of Veterinary Medicine offers certificate and bachelor’s degree programs in veterinary nursing and other advanced degrees for undergraduate students. The college offers a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program as well. In the college, students get hands-on experience working in veterinary diagnostics and laboratories at the small and large animal clinics on campus. Students also work with board-certified, fully licensed veterinarians and faculty to handle more than 1.2 million diagnostic labs per year.

One and only

The College of Veterinary Medicine is the only college of its kind in the State of Michigan.

Under a bright blue sky, we see the entrance to the Veterinary Medical Center, a modern and tidy orange brick building with glass doors.


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