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Snyder-Phillips Hall

Home to the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities

Built in 1947 and located in North Neighborhood, Snyder-Phillips Hall is home to the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH), one of MSU’s three degree-granting residential colleges. RCAH is a community of like-minded students pursuing degrees in the arts and humanities who are interested in civic engagement, history, ethics, the visual and performing arts and the study of languages and culture. The RCAH curriculum prepares students to take on issues locally and globally, with multidisciplinary courses in literature, music, dance, art, theatre, philosophy, culture, social justice, media, writing, film, creative work and more.  

All RCAH students major in Arts and Humanities. During their second year, students choose an Elective Pathway to pursue within the major. The Elective Pathway enables students to pursue their own particular interests within the scope of the RCAH major, connect to and complement courses and programs available outside of RCAH, and prepare for professional, academic, and other career opportunities. Students are required to complete 50 hours of volunteer or paid field experience prior to graduation, ensuring that they will have hands-on experience in their chosen pathway. With a post-grad placement rate of 100%, RCAH students can be found in public, private or governmental careers, or pursuing post-graduate degrees across the globe.   

Snyder-Phillips has an art studio, a language and media center with audio, video and digital art equipment, a music practice room, an art gallery specifically for student use for class and recreational projects and the RCAH theatre. The Gallery at Snyder-Phillips is a dining hall located right inside the building for students to enjoy, and there is a Sparty’s Café location, too.  

Interested students should list their major of interest as Arts and Humanities when filling out their application.

Two halls in one

Two halls, Snyder and Phillips, are connected to make one combined building. Students either live on the Snyder side or the Phillips side.

View of the front entrance to Snyder-Phillips Hall at Michigan State University.

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