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Beaumont Tower

Hear the historic bells of the MSU campus at Beaumont Tower.

Beaumont Tower is MSU’s iconic clock tower. Its bells are the beautiful soundtrack of our campus and play on the quarters of every hour. The tower houses a carillon — a musical instrument containing 49 bells, ranging in size from 15 pounds to 2.5 tons.

The tower was built in 1928 as a gift from John Beaumont (Class of 1882) as a tribute to College Hall, the first academic building on campus and the first building in the United States dedicated entirely to the teaching of scientific agriculture. When College Hall collapsed from structural damage, Beaumont Tower was erected both to honor its memory and as a monument to teaching. 

Legend has it that if you kiss your sweetheart in the shadow of the tower, or at midnight in Beaumont courtyard, you will be together forever. 

Always striving

One of the corners at the top of the tower is taller than the others, which is meant to signify that students should reach higher, grow more and strive to be even better every day. Beaumont Tower is a powerful reminder that #SpartansWill.


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