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Brody Neighborhood

Located on the west side, with the largest student rooms and dining facility on campus

Brody Neighborhood is comprised of six residence halls that surround Brody Hall, where many of the neighborhood’s common services, including Brody Square dining hall, are located. Armstrong, Bailey, Bryan, Butterfield, Emmons and Rather all feature community-style bathrooms, and all halls are coed by wing.

Renovated in the early 2010s, the halls feature the largest student rooms on campus and parking just outside of the buildings. Nearby, you can find IM Circle, IM Sports West and the Breslin Student Events Center. Brody Hall, the center of the neighborhood, is home to the Brody Neighborhood Engagement Center, which includes a health clinic, academic advising, Sparty’s Cafe, Brody Square dining hall and more. Most of the halls have fitness centers, and basketball and volleyball courts can be found throughout the neighborhood.

Home to two living-learning residential communities, Charles Drew Scholars in Rather Hall and RISE (Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment) in Bailey, students can live and learn with other students studying the same topics. Bailey Hall is also home to the Bailey GREENhouse and Urban Farm, where students can grow certified organic produce among other projects.

Brody Square

Brody Square is the largest dining hall on campus, occupying most of the second floor of the building. There is also a Sparty’s mini-market on the main floor that serves hot food options.

People select food from different buffet stations and food counters in Brody Square.


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