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East Neighborhood

Located on the northeast side of campus, East offers a great introduction to Spartan life.

East Neighborhood is located on the northeast side of campus near the intersection of Hagadorn and Shaw roads. It has an eclectic vibe and is home to many first-year students. Akers, Holmes and Hubbard Halls make up the Neighborhood and each has its own unique characteristics that make students happy to call East Neighborhood home. Akers Hall has quad-style rooms featuring two-bedroom suites, a separate living/study area and a bathroom shared only by the students living in the suite.

Holmes Hall is home to Lyman Briggs College, one of three residential colleges on campus, and has suite-style living with a bathroom separating the two double rooms. Hubbard Hall is also a suite-style hall and is the tallest building in East Lansing, with twelve floors overlooking main campus. Nearby you will find IM Sports East, the Wharton Center for Performing Arts, and the Business College Complex and Minskoff Pavilion.

Holmes Hall

Holmes Hall is home to Lyman Briggs College, a science-focused residential college at MSU. The hall also has a unique Grab & Go operation that is nut-conscious and a spacious Sparty’s mini-market location with cozy seating.

The exterior of Holmes Hall, a tall brown building, against a dark blue sky.


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